A second former aide to Governor Cuomo has come forward accusing him of sexual harassment.

Face it, Dems, Cuomo is bad news.

Ain’t that the truth? CNN did such a piss-poor job of covering the first accuser that most of their viewers are likely confused about there being a second.

Honestly, at this point what else will it take for ol’ Andy to step down?

Multiple accusations of sexual harassment, 15k+ dead elderly people in nursing homes … we get that he’s a Democrat and nothing seems to stick to these slimy toads but c’mon man!

Can’t help but laugh about how high the media built this guy up, pretending he was some sort of COVID GENIUS while they crapped all over DeSantis who was actually doing the better job. Reminder, they gave this as*hole an EMMY and he wrote a book about how rad he did with COVID in New York.

How the mighty have fallen.



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