Steven Crowder’s Twitter account was locked after he shared a video highlighting various voter addresses (who voted for the Puppet in Chief) that simply do not exist. Crowder’s segment showed several empty lots where a supposed Biden voter lived.

At one point they went so far as to ask a neighbor if a home address listed had EVER existed … it had not.

That’s really all Crowder did, showed where addresses should have been, but they weren’t. And yet Twitter flagged them with the famous ‘dispute’ tag and then locked him down.

Why oh why would they do that?

Crowder came back swinging:

And boom.

He also tweeted this …

We were very careful to spell our headline in a similar manner so we don’t get in trouble for wrong-think on Twitter.

Plus it’s funny AF.

They’re really trying to keep America’s focus on that incident.


We’re working on it.

About so many things.

Without having to prove a damn thing.

Convenient, eh?

PS: Here is a link to the video Crowder was locked over (sorry it’s this editor’s tweet!)



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