You’d think by now the Washington Post would know better than to try and pick a fight with Elon Musk (who is officially the richest man in the world, sorry Bezos) but nope. They had to know he would be underwhelmed with their story about him …

And they had to know including his one-sentence reply blasting both WaPo and Bezos would get more attention on its own than the entire story.

Yeah yeah, we know, ‘rekt’ is so 2019 but there is a time and a place for it and the time is now and the place is right here:

Guess Elon isn’t overly concerned about what WaPo thinks of him or his business.

‘Give my regards to your puppet master.’




And to the point.

Gotta appreciate the man’s skill.

True story.

These are the moments that make Twitter and following the mainstream media bearable.

Almost even fun.



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