Sounds like diversity in Congress isn’t trickling down to staffers.

Wonder why that could be?


The 117th Congress is the most diverse ever, with the largest representation of racial and ethnic groups in history, a 97 percent increase over the last 10 Congresses, according to the Pew Research Center. But among Hill staffers like Brewer — the people who really run Congress on a working level — there’s a dearth of diversity.

Despite efforts to diversify the Hill over the last several years, the racial makeup of House and Senate staffs don’t align with their districts and voting bases. Among top-level staffers, the lack of diversity is most striking: There are only two Black chiefs of staff in the Senate and only four Latinos. Warnock’s chief of staff, for example, is white.

AOC’s explanation for why such a diverse Congress has such a white staff is … well, classic AOC.

And you know, white people are working class.

Or something.

Oh, it gets better (worse?):

Apparently those ‘structural factors’ don’t impact white people.

You can’t make this nonsense up.

But what color are her interns?

Hey, just curious.

Fair question.

Nobody ever accused her of making sense, folks.



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