Tucker Carlson living rent-free in another empty-headed prog’s head.

Plenty of room up there.

We looked at ReallyAmerican.com’s timeline and they have over 300k followers who must be as empty-headed as they are because holy WOW, do they ever spew a lot of stupid and insane.

Guess we should give them credit for knowing their audience.

Take for example this stupid bit framing Tucker Carlson as a bigot …

Watch if you can stand it:

Ok, so beyond the fact that it’s just a montage of short clips with zero context in between longer bits from an annoying twit screeching about how the ridiculous clips prove Tucker is a bigot this is just a hot mess of awful.

We know the Left doesn’t expect much from their politi-tainment but c’mon man!

Gotta love how they use Richard Spencer as proof … when we all know Spencer came out in support of Biden.



And armed insurrection? Has anyone been charged with being armed?


And speaking of white supremacists:


Ok, not a great visual.


And we all know how quickly the Left calls someone on the Right a bigot when they’re … well, right.



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