Ted Cruz has been on a roll lately, from dropping a nuke on Glenn Kessler for saying it was complicated when Kamala Harris enabled and encouraged violent riots over the summer, to owning the Left who are too stupid to know he knows Babylon Bee is a satire site … to this.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, nobody but Trump makes them as crazy as Ted does:

We are going to start calling him Ted the Merciless.

Did you guys see the poor lawyer who couldn’t get his kiddos’ cat filter off? Freakin’ brilliant.

Look at that cute little face.

Then again, we’re not sure even a cute kitty face could save the obnoxiousness of those House Managers, especially knowing they doctored evidence.

We giggled.

True story.

This could work.

Right? At least it would have been somewhat entertaining.




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