Anyone with half a brain in their heads knows Ted Cruz was joking in his tweet saying that he wished The Babylon Bee’s ridiculous headline was a parody because he knows it’s satire but it’s all too close to reality these days as everything is really dumb.

Key portion of that first sentence, people with half a brain.

We’re not really dealing with our best or brightest on the Left so it’s no wonder they were confused about Ted’s tweet:

MOST of us get it.

But not all of us.

She ain’t kidding’:

We can’t even.

So should trolls on Twitter.

And speaking of trolls.

300k+ people follow Aunt Crabby …


What’s really scary is these folks think they’re the smart ones.

But he is.


No sh*t.

Oh, and in case there’s still some yahoo out there claiming Ted doesn’t know The Babylon Bee is satire:

Ted freaks the Left out ALMOST as much as Trump.




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