Why would they EVER go after Dolly Parton?! REALLY?!

And their gripe is that Dolly would encourage people to work and sang her old famous song in a commercial about working?!

These people need a life.

Or a hobby.

Or a new job.

Or to not write such stupid crap.

From NBC News (because if we have to read it so do you, LOL):

Now, Parton’s silvery voice is being used to promote the false virtues of working overtime, when so many gig economy workers are barely scraping by and the tech companies who employ — but misclassify — them are raking in boffo profits. The gig economy is a wretched alternative to a stable paycheck and proper benefits, and efforts to paint it as a matter of “independence” or “being one’s own boss” downplay how hard it is for so many gig workers to make ends meet. The lack of a safety net has become even more apparent thanks to the increased demands and dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic Parton herself has helped combat; delivery drivers, grocery shoppers and other gig workers have become a lifeline to so many, and yet they remain stripped of the protections and dignity they deserve.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d be able to see Russia from our backyard.

True story.

Wasn’t that INSANE?! Imagine being so broken by Trump that you resent your Trump-supporting neighbors for shoveling your driveway for you.

That. ^

Short and to the point.

We like it.

Yeah, this was a dumb take, NBC News and you should feel dumb for publishing it.



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