If you were paying any attention at all to Twitter during the Super Bowl, you know Tom Brady not wearing a mask freaked lots and lots of people who usually don’t watch football anyway but decided to watch it for the fun of virtue-signaling and complaining OUT. Who knew so many scolds and nags watched football?

Oh, that’s right, they don’t.

Unless it gives them an opportunity to wag their fingers at people on Twitter.

And while we shared many of these pearl-clutchers in another piece, none clutched their pearls harder than self-proclaimed ‘rage mom’ and Everytown organizer, Lisa Hendricks.

Oops, she protected her account after scolding Tom … luckily we’ve been doing this a while and figured she would do that so we grabbed a screenshot:


But noooooo, he had to be a maskhole. Who talks like that?!

Anyone else really tired of the mask Nazis?

But she’s a RAGE MOM, and that’s what rage moms do or something.



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