We’ve not only created an entire culture around canceling people who say things we don’t like, but we’ve nurtured and fostered it to a point where even repeating the words someone ELSE has said could get you canceled.

When did so many Americans get so thin-skinned and ridiculous?

Don’t answer that.

The New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz for example has accused venture capitalist Marc Andreessen of using a slur on Clubhouse.

He did not.

All the outrage! REEEEEE.

Jim Treacher was good enough to respond to another of her tweets about interviewing people this year:

She has since locked her account.

Note, last time we checked it was against Twitter’s Terms of Service for verified accounts to lock down but we imagine they’ll give her a pass.


Even Brit Hume joined the discussion:

Awww yes, the mob.

Funny how she ran away when the same mob started questioning her intentions.



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