Not entirely sure why Ana Navarro thought she had any business lecturing Van Jones about who he can and can’t take a picture with but Ana has always been sort of a glorified troll with a following built on hatred so we’re not entirely surprised by her disgusting behavior here

The only reason anyone pays attention to her is if they hate Trump as much as she does.

We kept waiting for Van to ask Ana who the Hell she thinks she is …



He’s not allowed to take pictures with certain people?

That sounds sorta bigoted to us, Ana.

Candace Owens blasted her:

Yeah, Ana sucks.

What, too mean?

Ok, Ana uckssay.


We like how Joy tried to shut him down too … awful.

Why does anyone go on that horrible show?

Seriously, we don’t get it. She’s just awful.

If only Ana was speechless as well.



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