Somewhere along the line, Americans forgot how to mind their own business. Look, if you’re worried about catching a virus, stay home. This is not complicated. If you are not feeling well, stay home. Again, not complicated.

Shutting down our entire lives and destroying our economy because the government suddenly wants to keep us all from dying even though we’ve been dying since the beginning of time is literally one of the dumbest things we’ve ever allowed in the history of this country. And empowering harpies who think they have any business lecturing others about indoor dining is just a side-effect of that stupid.

Like this infuriatingly smug thread from the New Yorker’s Helen Rosner:

Indoor dining? School? Going to work? Interesting how taking part in these things makes us bad people now.

How dare you make your own decisions.

Maybe it’s just us but we don’t EVER remember having any sort of conversation about how we should behave during COVID or any other time in this country.

The problem with allowing restaurants to function is that it doesn’t really help them stay in business.


Must be nice living with such privilege, right Helen?

It is not the government’s job to babysit any of us.

Whoever is teaching this in school, please knock it TF off.


Ooh, big word.

This has turned into a blame Trump thing, hasn’t it?

Democrats created a monster. They were happy to terrify the masses while Trump was president so they could put all of this failure on him and his administration. They don’t want Biden to be seen as a failure and they know the lockdowns were a gross mistake, so they’re trying to fix it.

But their monster-scolds are already in hysterics and aren’t playing along because they well and truly terrified them.

Yes, we’re anti-scolds because we believe people should make up their own minds.

The nerve.

The hysteria the government and the media have created will have far longer-lasting implications on some people in this country than any virus. This thread is insane.

Ain’t that the truth?



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