Socialism sucks. Sorry, not sorry.

And what we’re seeing take place with the election of the Puppet in Chief and his handlers should scare the crap out of anyone, especially after we’ve spent a year watching our country fall apart due to hysteria created by the media … all to get rid of Trump.

*adjusts tinfoil*

Anyway, John Hayward put together a frightening but important read on socialism, hysteria, and security.

Take a look:

Suddenly we have a group of Americans (an abundance of them unionized teachers) who refuse to work until there is 0 risk of getting sick and or dying ever again. It’s creepy, really.

Big government is NOT your friend.

And 2020-21 has been THE year of big government.

Mommy government.


Free healthcare.

Free college.

Free birth control.

See a trend?

Total security.

There is no such thing.

Not in a free society.


People wearing two and three masks? Yeah, that’s hysteria.

Just sayin’.

Good luck with that.

Seriously, we’ve been trying that with school boards and the unions and so far … eh.

Sanity involves regaining our ability to adult.

And boy howdy, did we see a lot of political opportunists.

What he said.



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