Gad Saad is a fascinating follow on Twitter. He is a professor, an evolutionary behavioral scientist, and an author who quite frankly picked a fight with Seth Rogen and won.

Granted, it’s not exactly hard to beat Seth in a battle of thoughts and words (although he would totally destroy anyone in a war of stupid grunts and predictable laughs), but this was especially entertaining.

Wonder if Seth will see it?

Kidding, we know he saw it:

Seth seems mad. LOL

Probably because he’s not smart enough to understand what he just watched.

Gad was happy to enlighten him:

Then they grow up.

Seth missed that part.

It’s easy to be a know-nothing blow-hard when you’re surrounded by other know-nothing blow-hards who are flush and feel superior to those who disagree with them. We especially like Gad’s reference to an out-of-order toaster.

Spot on.

‘You are among the MOST privileged people in the history of humanity.’

That could be said of any and everyone in Hollywood.


‘If you are a socialist you have no business being the beneficiary of the most capitalist industry in the most capitalist country in the history of humanity.’

Damn, that’s good.




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