Teachers’ unions are a boil on the butt of humanity.


Truth hurts.

We knew that before the pandemic but WHOA NELLY, they’ve really made themselves villains over the past year working to keep kids out of schools and making political demands that have NOTHING to do with safety or anything else. And far too many school boards have let them get away with it (looking at almost ALL of you in Virginia and other blue states). Every time they make a new argument to stay out a study debunks it, so they go again, and again, and now they’re playing the ‘parents who want their kids to go back are racists’ card.

They’re worse than a boil on the butt of humanity.

They’re a cancer.

PoliMath wrote a brutal thread about what is happening across the country to our kids:

These videos break our hearts.

But the unions don’t care.

Ask yourselves why.

The unions claim they’re oppressed, they’re fighting the machine when really THEY ARE the oppressors.

They are the machine.

And they are destroying public education in this country.

Stay home.


This is oppression, in case you were wondering.

Goalpost after goalpost shifted.


Thanks unions and school boards.

And too many school boards cave, ignoring the very real concerns of the parents and students … to serve the unions.





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