S.E. Cupp is such a huge disappointment.

Sorry, not sorry.

This editor truly used to look up to her but when she went to CNN it all changed. We’ve joked about there being something in the water at CNN but at this point, it’s not funny anymore. And here’s the thing, we don’t disagree with her about some of the nonsense Rep. Marjorie Greene has spewed (Jews using lasers, really?) BUT this thread from Cupp is just a bunch of pandering horse crap and she should know better:

Does she really want to play the OUTRAGE over elected officials sitting on committees game because we’ve got a list of Democrats that look even worse and you know what, we can’t seem to find any tweets from her calling on them to be removed and denounced?

Ilhan Omar ring any bells?

Rashida Tlaib?

Eric Swalwell?


Oh FFS, this is a cheap shot and she knows it. They’re trying to desperately paint anyone who disagrees with their ideas as some sort of unhinged Nazi Trump supporter … any idea why they’d be doing this now?

If we rolled our eyes any further in the back of our heads we’d see China sending another check to Hunter Biden.

Swalwell is accused of banging a Chinese spy.

But you know, Greene said some dumb stuff so yeah.

This. ^

Being a CNN shill must pay well.

The Left circles the wagons and protects their crazies.


And Cupp just keeps playing it.



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