We’ve known for a long time that Jimmy Kimmel isn’t funny anymore … nice to see the Left finally catching up.

Not entirely sure what ticked the Left off more, whether it was Jimmy blaming Russia for the GameStop stock chaos (really, dude, RUSSIA?) or if it was his crapping all over Jon Stewart for defending the Redditors taking on Wall Street but either way, he was trending this morning and NOT in a good way.

First off we see Siraj Hashmi who documented Jimmy’s tweet attacking Jon before he could take it down; it’s never a good thing to make THE LIST.

He called him Trump?


Maybe Jimmy missed it but Trump isn’t the president anymore and Twitter literally silenced him …

The privileged defending the privileged.

All while pretending they care about the little people.

Gross, right?

Girls on Trampolines … back when Jimmy was funny.

We could have told you guys that.


Hey man, anything is possible.


We feel shocked.

Here we are indeed.



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