Yup. CNN is still CNN’ing.

Good to see some consistency out there, yes?


This interview with Gov. GRETCH Whitmer all but calling the lockdown protest in her state a ‘dress rehearsal’ for what took place on January 6 is one of the most irresponsible, ugly things we’ve seen this year and c’mon man, we cover Seth Rogen.


For real?

As the Puppet in Chief would say, ‘THAT’S MALARKEY.’

Sounds like it.

Will Twitter ban them?

Should they be taken off cable?

Ding ding ding.

Nope, not at all.

To CNN, the country’s biggest threat is still Donald Trump … which is just pathetic.

Let’s not and say they did.



‘This is CRINGE, MAN’: Jimmy Kimmel officially makes the Left’s sh*t-list going after Jon Stewart *grab your popcorn*

‘As ignorant as my out-of-order toaster’: Seth Rogen has his a*s HANDED to him in brutal back and forth with Gad Saad and it’s *chef’s kiss*

LOL, this CAN’T be real! The Lincoln Project’s statement on John Weaver sexually harassing young men is SO bad all we can do is laugh