Have you ever noticed how much Nancy Pelosi makes a ‘hand-chopping’ motion when she’s uncomfortable during an interview or a speech? We have in the past made jokes about her literally taking flight from all of the flapping she does when she’s uncomfortable.

Take for example when 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl actually called Nancy out for obstructing COVID relief for EIGHT FREAKIN’ MONTHS.

We’re surprised she didn’t literally float out of that chair.


‘It was THEIR obstruction.’

Was it Nancy? Was it really? Because yeah, we don’t think so.

And clearly, neither did Lesley.

Considering we’re fairly certain Pilate himself may have voted for her, yes, she needs to retire.

Yeah, it’s a train wreck.

Ain’t it fun?

For Nancy to actually change expressions with the amount of Botox in her face … impressive.



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