Not sure why AOC decided to pick a fight with Ted Cruz but here we are.

Then again, she’s been picking fights with him for months now so we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. And considering how many people are calling for his head for simply doing as his constiuents asked … maybe she thought she had the upper hand.

She, of course, did not.

How short AOC’s memory is when it comes to Israel.

She fired back with a receipt of her own, which only makde Ted’s response even better because she really thought she had him THIS time.

She tried.

She had to know Ted would remember what really happen but still, she tried.

Ted dropped the hammer.

Huh, she didn’t have a comeback for this.

Color us shocked.

And she was doing so well … JUST kidding.

Maybe AOC should take a look at her own party before attacking Ted Cruz about unrest … just sayin’.



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