As The Lincoln Project builds its cute little fascist database of Trump officials to ‘cancel,’ they MIGHT want to take a little bit of time and look into their own proverbial closets to make sure there isn’t something there that others might stumble across and use against them.

Hey, we’re just being helpful because you know, we’d hate for the ‘good guys’ who fought the terrors of Trump to be outed as well … skeezy creeps.

FYI, we can neither confirm nor deny if any of these allegations against Lincoln Project founder John Weaver are legit, but we thought since they’re on Twitter and we cover Twitter we’d share them. It started here with Ryan James Girdusky who does not mention the member by name:


Double eep.

There was actually an admission of this activity by a young man on Ryan’s thread but since he deleted it we will respect his decision and also leave it out. That being said, another man named Scott Stedman wrote the following:

Get a load of this:


Note, the tweet we decided not to include in this piece is another young man saying it happened to him, so about that, Scott is right.

Triple eeep.

They’re far too busy threatening Republicans and trying to completely shut down the Right to care about one of their founders possibly being a predator.

Oh, screenshots:


Victims are typically afraid.

Funny how people who claim they believe victims are so quick to attack them if their accusations could hurt a political agenda. And by funny we don’t mean ‘haha,’ we mean gross, pathetic, and all too damn predictable.

So allegedly ‘grooming’ young man AND an agent of Russia.

Gosh, these seem like pretty big skeletons to us, just sayin’.



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