Gosh, it’s like Ben Shapiro knows who the media really are …

When Trump supporters ‘stormed’ the Capitol if you watched the mainstream media you could see them literally salivating at how many stories they could write trashing 74 million people who voted for the president.

It’s their bread and butter, folks. Without Trump, they will go back to being frothy-mouthed lapdogs asking Biden about his favorite foods (they have already asked him this question, not even kidding).

Ben summed it up perfectly:



The brave firefighters live to smear another day.

While pretending the BLM and Antifa riots over the summer were super peaceful.

Yikes. Painful yet accurate representation of the Left’s so-called unity.

That’s the Democrat way. And c’mon, at this point, we all know the media are just an extension of the DNC.


Shew! We weren’t sure how we should feel so thank goodness Ben and Jerry’s let us all know.

Sort of like Coca-Cola.

And we thought 2020 was dumb? Can we send 2021 back and get a refund?




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