You can always count on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to jump in the middle of drama for attention. After all, she signed up for all of this political mumbo-jumbo at a pseudo-audition so attention is pretty much oxygen to her.

Even we keep covering her (sorry!) but when we see something this silly on Twitter we just can’t help ourselves.

The curse of being a Twitchy editor:

Wasn’t it AOC who lectured people for being upset about riots this past summer? Hrm.

She’s hardly alone in her hypocrisy (we’ve written story after story after story on the media and Democrats who cheered Antifa now screaming about the siege) but that it came from her AFTER she all but endorsed political violence over the summer from her side?

Girl, please.

Because THAT will totally help heal the division.

She couldn’t be dumber if she tried.

We’ve seen bologna sandwiches with more common sense than her.


Yup, that here.

It’s ok when her side does it.


‘To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable … that’s the point.’

She said so herself.



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