If you don’t already think corporate media are a bunch of frothy-mouthed, biased, ridiculous, losers in a dumpster of awful take a look at this ‘montage’ from Tom Elliott where you can watch a bunch of them not only excuse but ENDORSE violence from ANTIFA over the summer.

No, really, watch these brave firefighters show you who they really are:

Media LOVE themselves certain types of violence, y’all.

It’s good for clicks and taps and they can pat themselves on the back pretending they did something.

Gross, right?


Because they CAN. There are no consequences for fueling the mob when you’re on the Left. Even when that mob is setting buildings on fire and killing people. NOPE. Their anger was JUSTIFIED ya’ know.

The people at the Capitol are just a bunch of racist Nazis who hate puppies or something.

Yeah, we know, it’s all dumb.


They were raising BAIL for the a-holes getting arrested for burning buildings down and assaulting people.




GARBAGE: Ali Velshi, Matt McDermott and other media toads completely FACE-PLANT over BLM protests ‘coverage’ and it’s a glorious thing