The way the media covered (and has been covering) the Capitol protest on Wednesday is indicative of the bigger problem behind why so many people protested in the first place. Maybe if corporate media hadn’t treated the Right like villains for the past four years so many of them wouldn’t have felt the need to be HEARD and seen in this way. Whether you agree with what these folks did yesterday or not, we can all agree the media played a YUGE part in all of this.

Take for example Ali Velshi.

Remember when he stood in front of a building LITERALLY ON FIRE over the summer and said the BLM protest was not unruly? Look at what he tweeted about the Captiol:


Ironically, Ali babbling about sugar-coating what happened at the Capitol while he spent the summer sugar-coating thousands of jackas*es burning buildings down, destroying public and private property, and assaulting innocent people is PEAK hypocrisy.

Speaking of peak hypocrisy, see Matt McDermott:

When a bunch of harpies takes over the Hart Senate office building and he calls it ‘incredible’. Meanwhile, what happened yesterday was ‘domestic terrorism’.

Alrighty then.

There’s a reason the media approval rating is in the toilet.


Conservative media BAD.

Yeah, we know, we shouldn’t be surprised at their ZERO self-awareness but as the sleepy, disconnected, lost, confused, puppet-like newly elected President Biden likes to say, ‘C’mon man!’