Nothing says you want to unite with people you disagree with like calling for them and their movement to be ‘cleansed.’ We know, it’s really poor to compare modern-day politics to Nazis and fascism but this is straight out of that playbook.

Cleansing. Yikes.

Take a gander:

Trump supporters aren’t allowed to protest apparently.

From ABC News:

Chatsen Buttigieg, the husband of Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Transportation secretary nominee, wrote on Twitter Wednesday, “White privilege is violently storming the US Capitol and just … being sent home.”

We don’t know how many arrests will be made in the end, or who has been charged, but it’s shocking arrests were in the dozens as of 10:30 p.m. and not the hundreds.

The nation will need to process the events of Wednesday for weeks and years to come, but a part of the many layers of healing will be a demonstration that those those involved in an insurrection face justice, an acknowledgment that we police Americans unevenly in this country and a commitment to try to fix that.

They really think the people ‘storming’ the White House were doing it out of white privilege?! SERIOUSLY?! These people have been locked down in their homes for MONTHS, their jobs taken them, their children taken out of school, their livelihoods destroyed ALL while watching these same a-holes babbling about white privilege endorsing outright political violence on the Left.

And they wonder why they’re pissed off? THEY’RE the ones who need to be cleansed?!

*throws things*

That could work.

His network likely agrees with him.

Sums it up nicely.



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