If you’ve been paying any attention to the media today (and if you haven’t we would hardly blame you), you see a rather large effort being made to discredit anyone claiming that Antifa of BLM was present during Wednesday’s protest at the Capitol. KUTV’s Heidi Hatch is covering the story of a local man who allegedly attended the protests just to ‘document’ them, a man who happens to tweet a lot of hashtags like #F*ckTrump, #BLM, and of course, #antifa.

Keep in mind, many people need the narrative to be that Trump inspired the violence and this thread kinda sorta debunks that, at least in part.

Take a look.

Interesting hashtags, right?


He was documenting by trying to break through a window in the U.S. Capitol? Really?



We grabbed just one of his retweets:

And one of his own tweets which isn’t nearly as violent but notice his hashtags:

This is also his header on Twitter:

Maybe it’s just us but he doesn’t really seem like a Trump supporter.




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