Last night Apple removed Parler from their app store because apparently, anyone with a different point of view or set of ideals shouldn’t have a place to share said point of view and ideals. Many of the people now on Parler had no choice in the matter as well as Twitter decided to ‘purge’ them from their site. Thousands and thousands of people gone, just like that.

We should start calling Jack, Thanos.

If we were only kidding.

Granted, they claim they are removing people without phone numbers or emails, some are saying it’s ONLY THOSE CRAZY Q PEOPLE (which is not true) … and sadly, those who haven’t been impacted are AOK with all of this.

Jack even celebrated it with a tweet:

Ugh, this guy is just a toad.

Remember when he told Congress they don’t discriminate against or censor the Right?

Lies lies lies, yeah!

Interesting, and not in a good way, how the very people who have spent the last four years accusing Trump of being Hitler are acting more like the dictator themselves than Trump ever did. The Left always accuses the Right of what they’re guilty of … never forget that.

Jack may be more of a crony capitalist than we realized.

And he loves them.



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