Jake Tapper pretending he’s likely losing followers too because what Twitter is doing is TOTALLY on the up and up and not at all directed at the Right but he’s too much of an adult to care is one of the most disingenuous, smug, nasty things we’ve seen from him in the last 24 hours …

We used to be able to say a day or even a week but wow, Jake is starting to make Brian Stelter look unbiased and objective.

Look at this nonsense:

He would tell you but he’s not bleeding followers for wrong-think. Jake is part of the problem so why should he care?

And clearly, he doesn’t.


We’re not holding our breath.

Sad, but true.

Being an adult means you don’t care about others being silenced or something.

He really has become most unbearable.


He’s too busy being a smug a-hole. Check back in a few days.


Adult clown.

Seems legit.



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