Clay Travis wrote what we think is one of the more exceptional threads about what Big Tech is doing in ‘silencing’ half of the country. Sure, they can pretend they’re trying to stop some evil insurrection but what they’re really doing is silencing millions of people who have nothing to do with any of their paranoia.

Clay said it far better:

What they’re doing is far more dangerous. Do they really think silencing a bunch of people will somehow calm things down?

It should terrify ANYONE.


The end.

But sadly the people it’s not impacting don’t seem to care and even worse, they are taking joy in watching people they consider their enemy lose their ability to communicate.

Big Tech has become its own government.

Makes us China.

Sadly, a lot of people on the Left are AOK with us being China, as long as Trump isn’t president. Yeah, we know, that’s stupid but it is what it is.



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