Those of us who thought MAYBE just maybe 2021 wouldn’t be as stupid as 2020 have already been ‘let down’ because HOOBOY, what was with that guy ending his prayer with ‘awoman.’

Does he not understand what Amen actually means? Does everything have to be a damn talking point?!

Oops, sorry for the damn but seriously …

Bethany Mandel’s mini-thread says it best:

So people who use ‘awoman,’ are they admitting there are only two genders?

Upside down.

Boy … you turn me, inside out and … round and round.

Ok, MAYBE too much coffee this morning.

Bethany is spot on though. We’ve known things are pretty stupid for years but it feels like they’re not only stupid but out of control at this point.

They hope we’re idiots.

We KNOW they are.



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