Chuck Todd melted down on Meet the Press this morning. And what’s really funny is that they tweeted out his meltdown like it was a good thing and his viewers railed on him over it. We hate to break it to ol’ Chuck, but acting like an unhinged rage-donkey and attacking Sen. Ron Johnson only made him look small, nervous, angry, insane, and biased.

And his viewers were pissed at him for giving the senator a platform.

But we suppose when we live in a world where media see themselves as more activist than journalist he is proud of this behavior. Their thread cracks us TF up.

Take a look.

For months, Chuck’s viewers have been accusing him of being a wuss and when it finally looks like Chuck has grown a pair they get mad at him for interviewing a Republican.

Again, they tweeted this thread out like it was a good thing.

Johnson of course was correct. Media deliberately ignored and even tried to bury the Hunter Biden story to impact the election BUT we know Chuck doesn’t want to hear or admit that so he got all big and bad.

Well, big and bad for Chuck.

We’re still laughing.

What? Illusion of voter fraud? Coming from the same group of mainstream media morons who pushed the Russian collusion ILLUSION we’re pretty sure Chuck can drink a nice, refreshing glass of STFU juice.

Then they shared the entire interview here – we encourage you to watch so you can see Chuck really and truly make an ass of himself.

Chuck probably thought his viewers would be happy and sure, a few of them were. But most of them reacted like this:

Guess so?


Poor Chuck. The dude just can’t win.



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