Judd Legum should explain why he sees racist symbols everywhere because we’re pretty sure the fox smelled his own hole here.

Or something.

Hey, it’s early-ish on a Sunday morning, our metaphors can’t always be magic.


Yeah, like you, we sort of forgot about ol’ Judd but his making a claim about Sen. David Perdue flashing a racist symbol in a picture with Trump supporters the Sunday before the Georgia run-off is just pathetic and quite frankly, Twitchy-worthy. Maybe if he read the caption with the photo we wouldn’t have to embarrass him this way buuuuut here we are:

Judd does go on in a thread about how he’s right but eh … it’s just more babbling and nonsense that we won’t bore you with.

The obvious meaning in the picture is 3000 like it says IN THE FREAKIN’ POST.

But you know, RACISM!



Obama, that freakin’ racist!

Jordan?! NOOOOOO.


He SHOULD be but for someone like Judd to be ashamed they would first have to understand what shame is and we’re pretty sure he does not.


What an honor and so early in 2021 too.

Atta boy.

Biden showing his true colors.

Oh he is.

Well, we think he is?

Who knows anymore.

They are really worried about Perdue winning … again. They should be.



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