We didn’t think Bill de Blasio could be any more tone-deaf but clearly, we were wrong.

So very wrong.

Millions of New Yorkers stayed home last night (or left the state entirely) to ring in the new year because Bill has destroyed their city and their homes ‘to keep them safe.’ Far too many ‘officials’ have turned into authoritarian douche-waffles this year under the guise of our safety by implementing restrictions on our daily lives. Those same douche-waffles often broke their own rules, but this is really just flaunting privilege, don’t you think?

Look at that, the guy who shut everything down can do whatever he wants.

And they voted for that a-hole.

We suppose New Yorkers get the government they deserve?

Andy Cohen absolutely let de Blasio have it.


Yeah, he’s a little tanked … lol

But spot freakin’ on. We sorta love the look on Anderson Cooper’s face after Andy freaks out on de Blasio. He knows he’s RIGHT!

Catturd ™ chimed in as only he can as well:

If this doesn’t scream privilege, dictator, authoritarian we don’t know what does.

Or Ralph Northam going maskless on Virginia Beach after implementing a mask mandate for Virginia?


Rules for thee but not for me.


We see what he did here.

Actually, after everything we saw from our elected officials in 2020, this is all too believable.

Right? And we thought socialists had rhythm.

And not an entertaining one.




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