Nothing says unity like challenging ‘allies’ to discriminate as a way to promote diversity … or something.

Hey, don’t look at us, we just write about the people who say and tweet stupid stuff like this nonsense from Erica Joy. Apparently, any company or product that has been ‘built’ by either all men or all white people should be shunned or something.

Because nothing says diversity like racism and sexism:

Note, Erica has this editor blocked.

Let’s hear it for diversity!

Imagine if some white man tweeted about purposefully discriminating against companies founded by black women or all black people? Buildings would be on fire but hey, this is AOK. Hell, Twitter gave Erica a pretty blue checkmark for her trouble.

She continued:

Wonder if she’s bright enough to see the irony in her own tweets. She is pushing for diversity, but only diversity SHE considers diverse.

What a weird and quite frankly ugly challenge to start out with in 2021.

Troubling sure, but not new and definitely not original. It would have been nice not to promote this as a challenge for a full year considering the dumpster fire this country just went through with 2020 but what do we know?

It’s called discrimination.

And bingo.

Here we go.




Why would they stop now?

The Internet was built by evil white men.

Please leave.

That too.

But it’s GOOD discrimination when she does it.


*so many eye-rolls*

Little early in 2021 for so much racism and sexism already, doncha think?



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