Richmond Public Schools’ ‘2019 teacher of the year’ Rodney Robinson tweeted about Rand Paul’s neighbor beating him up and wishing McConnell’s neighbor would do the same.

Teacher of the year.

That’s sweet, right?

He has since deleted the tweet BUT as Twitchy readers know, the Internet is FOREVER, especially tweets.

Here’s Rod’s tweet:


Seems like ol’ Rod is saying that Mitch’s neighbor should beat him up, right? Called Rand’s neighbor a hero?

Keep in mind, this guy is TEACHING KIDS.

In Richmond, VA.

There’s a reason the district isn’t considered one of the better districts in the state for lovers. Seriously, this is the superintendent’s reaction to the tweet and Rod’s ‘heartfelt apology’.

Dude, are you effing kidding us? Words matter BUT nothing will be done about the tweet.

From Robinson’s ‘heartfelt apology’:

I recently made a bad joke on Twitter about Rand Paul’s fight with his neighbors in relation to Mitch McConnell’s neighbors and I was wrong for that. No one should be assaulted. Due to my ignorance of the situation, I didn’t know Rand Paul was seriously injured in the altercation. I apologize for making light of his injuries. I do not advocate for violence against Mitch McConnell.

He didn’t know Rand was hurt? REALLY? C’mon, man!

If this had been a right-leaning teacher who threatened say Pelosi they’d have already lost their jobs, heartfelt apology or not.


He just didn’t think it would blow up like it did.

He is indeed.

Note, Kamras is keeping kids in his district virtual for the REMAINDER OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.

Like the unions wanted.


Damn, that’s weak.



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