California is one of the most locked-down masked-up states out there, and they’re STILL climbing in COVID cases which tells us one of two things. Either masks and lockdowns really don’t work and a virus is gonna virus OR … you know what, that’s the only thing it tells us. Florida, which has been pretty much open since the summer, is doing far better than California so maybe locking people into their homes, taking away their social activities, trapping them at home for work, closing their schools, and covering their faces with cloth diapers isn’t the best way to deal with the virus.


Hey, we’re not experts but it doesn’t take an expert to see this crap right here ain’t workin:

Doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result is literally the definition of crazy. Look it up, Hilda.

Luckily Richard Grenell chimed in on Hilda’s insanity:

What Richard said. Times 10000000000.

That’s a number, right?

Stop doing what you’re doing, it’s making things worse. Stop it immediately.

People are masking up. People are locking down. People are staying away from their friends and their family.

And it’s still spreading.

Enough with the lockdowns. LET’S GET ON WITH LIFE.

This. So much this.

Not even a little bit.

But lockdown! Mask! Orange man bad! BLEACH!


Seriously, time to stop.

Especially in blue states, yup.

Looking at you too, Northam. Open the damn schools.

It’s the Democrat way after all.

Hey, they haven’t tried this yet … why not? Because this lockdown crap is NOT working.



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