Bishop Talbert Swan wanted very badly to pretend Barack Obama is more admired than Trump so he made his own cute little poll.

And at one point at 8:12 a.m. on Dec. 30 it showed Trump was badly beating Obama … but within one single minute, that vote changed when 115k votes magically showed up.


We suppose we should thank ‘Bishop’ Talbert Swan for proving there is no way in Hell Biden beat Donald Trump. Then again, the bishop’s poll seems a teensy bit suspect when you look at screenshots taken of said poll side-by-side.

It’s absolutely possible over 100k people voted in like 1 minute but not likely.

Also, if you look at the time left, it says 12 hours … but then his poll says final results at the same time?


As we said, something doesn’t look right here.

We know this is a joke but somehow we’re just not ready to laugh at it … just yet.

Give us some time.

A whole sixty seconds!

Sounds about right.

And poor Joe couldn’t even get a vote then BUT he somehow magically had the most votes in history.

Alrighty then.

Twitter and 2020.

What do people expect?

Hey now, we didn’t say it.

We nodded and agreed.

We laughed.

We even included the tweet in this article.

But we didn’t say it.

Honestly, folks, we can’t explain what happened with Swan’s poll – but we can tell you he blocked certain people from being able to share the poll and it sounds like he posted it multiple times so what that tells us is he knew the poll wasn’t going to go the way he wanted and was willing to do whatever it took to ‘prove’ he was right.

In the end, all he really did was prove otherwise.

Gotta love Twitter.



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