Socialism sucks.

Sorry, not sorry.

And no amount of cute little metaphors or purple-headed smiley little socialists claiming it’s just a potluck will change that. Hey y’all, socialism won’t destroy the country, it’s just like a bunch of people eating at a giant potluck and stuff …

We can’t even make this up.


Awww, ain’t that cute?

There is nothing more southern and country than a potluck.

Nothing scary here, folks.

Except …

All mushy canned green beans, which is a state-mandated minimum.

This is so good.

Keep going.


Mating Rituals of Bonobos was a popular major way back when this editor was in college.

Just kidding.


With zero mushy green beans or oyster crackers.


Damn this was good.


Not sure who needs to hear this today but socialism SUCKS.



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