Dana Loesch standing up to the mob … again.

THIS time because they want to cancel Gina Carano.

Now now, we can’t have people thinking for themselves.

GASP! Not Parler!


And then it just got dumber and dumber … which means Dana just got better and better.


We’re sensing a theme here.



Now there’s an insult we don’t hear often enough.

We honestly couldn’t say? Doing some digging she tweeted out a fairly viral picture of a group of Nazis saluting Hitler WITH the one guy who refused to salute which is basically saying don’t be a Nazi but her haters were too stupid to know any better and shrieked at her for tweeting a picture of Nazis. Apparently, this time around she liked two of @thebradfordfile’s tweets … no seriously, that’s what they’re mad about. Imagine having this much spare time on your hands to attack someone for LIKING tweets?

Dana also explained what Gina ‘did’:

And you know, our good, tolerant, unity-seeking pals on the Left can’t stand it when we don’t fall in line.

Here is where it really gets good:


Always keepin’ it classy.

Because you know, any woman who disagrees with ‘Rick’ here needs handlers.


Read …

Who ARE these people?!

You know what? Don’t answer that.



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