As Twitchy readers know, S.E. Cupp and Richard Grenell got into a pretty heated debate on Thursday night when Cupp lashed out at Grenell for talking about the president’s ‘great mood’. For whatever reason (probably because all of these blue checks like to quote-tweet their fights) we missed the most vicious part of the fight.

Yeah, this was a fight, this was not a debate.

Take a look.

Except that’s not really true because she follows him.


She shot back with an UNFOLLOW. OMG NOT THAT!

That’ll show him!


Told you.

Richard responded:

She really is.

She picked this fight for no real reason and then got her britches all bunched up when he treated her the way she treated him.

Wait, so calling her delicate makes him a brittle and a misogynist? What?

*eats ALL the popcorn*

Well, to be fair, his claim makes as much sense as her calling him a misogynist.

Twitter is truly the gift that keeps on giving.



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