Ok, let us start out by saying that Bill Maher says some horrible things about Trump BUT what he says about Democrats and how they’re not really winning is worth watching. In fact, you can probably skip to the 53-second mark to avoid the worst of the Trump-bashing.

He also makes a dig at Q and is in general his fairly miserable and gross self, but his points about Democrats and the Left are spot on about why their party is DYING.


Told you.

What happened to that blue wave?

If you can ignore all the bellyaching about Trump and the digs at Republicans and Georgia, what he says here about the Democratic Party is powerful. The uber-sensitive ridiculous culture of cancellation they’ve built their entire agenda on is killing them. To Bill’s point, in a year where they have been so focused on racism, Republicans flipped seats, kept state legislatures, and had more minorities vote for them than ever before. Even with the alleged win in the Executive Branch, they lost so much.

And rightfully so.

Americans are tired of being threatened, harassed, and ‘canceled’ because they think differently or believe differently, and that has become the main talking point behind any Democrats. Making actresses apologize for playing a character with three fingers is ridiculous … and has become the face of the Left.

Even Bill Maher knows it.



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