Richard Marx’s latest claim to fame seems to be ‘overrated Twitter troll’. Oh, his pinned tweet pushes some new book he has coming out next year and he swears he released some music before the pandemic (never heard of it) but really, the only time he pops up on our radar is if he’s being horrible to people and pretending he’s somehow the good guy.

Take for example this ‘dad joke’ attempt at slamming Trump:

Dick shouldn’t quit his day job.

Wait, sorry.


And what day job?

Might be?

Ok, dad joke number two.

This is just embarrassing.

But wait!

Nazi-Barbie? That’s how we know Richard is big-mad. And see! He makes music, people just don’t seem to know about it.

Mindy ended it.

Dentist’s offices, grocery stores … sure.

Assist from Kristy Swanson:

Stay in your lane, Dick.



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