If Biden truly wants to unite this country he should wait until we ensure the results are on the up-and-up.

And looking at this thread from data scientist Sarah Eaglesfield, there is a good deal for them to look at before moving forward. As we’ve said before, we are not saying one way or another if there has been cheating or fraud, all we are saying is there are plenty of disconcerting things for the ‘experts’ to look at.

This thread is pretty unnerving:

Five seconds.

And less than 6k of them were for Trump.

Not completely impossible we suppose but … yeah.

Wait, what?

So they lost over 200k votes in a half-hour?

Shouldn’t the votes go up? Seriously asking, we have no idea.


They make no sense to us either.

Then again, this editor is still trying to figure out what the last episode of Supernatural REALLY meant so there’s that.

Yes, check the data, Jack.

We’re all waiting.



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