We don’t know about you guys, but these tweets from some Obama bro intern loser written supposedly by Joe Biden about healing the country are really starting to get on our nerves. For those of us who were enjoying the strong economy, record job growth, strong borders, cheap gas, low taxes, and a somewhat peaceful Middle East, a Biden presidency is not in any way a form of healing.

It’s more of a heeling.

And no thanks.

Seriously, there is no way Joe is writing any of this BS.

Megyn Kelly called it out, God love her:

We really like this new Megyn.


And of course, out came the Obama bros to defend Joe’s lame-a*s tweet which tells us yes indeed, they are likely either writing them or they know who is.

Someone has his panties in a bunch.

Megyn wasn’t phased.

What she said.

Ding-a-ling continued:

There is no conspiracy here.

Biden HAS spent months in his basement, Jon.

Yeah, go fix that.

He’s big mad that she pointed out Biden has been living in a basement for months.

Wonder why.


Tommy ‘Van Driver’ Vietor also chimed in:

Ugh, he just sucks at this.

Which made it easy for Megyn:

Oh, Matthew Dowd tried shaming her as well … guess how that went over:


And another. Boy, Megyn’s truth really ruffled some feathers:


At best.

Maybe they should back TF up?

Just sayin’.

Yeah, spare us the kumbayah and unity crap while people on the Left are making hate lists like good little fascists.

As Megyn said, deal with that crap first.



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