As Twitchy readers know, Megyn Kelly made chumps of several leftist boys on Sunday including Obama bros Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor. They didn’t like her mocking Biden’s tweet about ‘unity’; maybe they’ve been missing the hundreds (thousands) of tweets calling for retribution on Trump supporters? Anyway, Megyn handled them so well we can’t help but wonder if it inspired Drew Holden’s mini-thread about the media.

It’s a good one, even if it is short for him.

Take a look.

Megyn is a fairly straight shooter.

While Chris is … well, Chris.

He’s busy screeching and accusing Trump of killing hundreds of thousands of people … because that’s not totally insane or anything.

And he wonders why none of us with brains in our heads takes him the least bit seriously.


Calls it realistically?

No cheerleading.


Hayes is consumed with soy.

Just sayin’.


EVERYONE will benefit.

Which sounds like ACTUAL unity.

Huh, who knew?



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