Twitter has been especially awful today with all sorts of disgusting, sad, and ugly tweets attacking Amy Coney Barrett. And all because she has been nominated to sit on the SCOTUS by Trump. Forget that she’s got impeccable credentials and is an amazing mom – since she’s Catholic and doesn’t support abortion that makes her a bad woman.

Or something

At least that’s what it seems like Lauren Hough is implying in her repugnantly sexist tweet:

Yes, it’s very weird for women to be celebrated as mothers.

And they wonder why so many people hate feminism.

Keep going.

Some women can be as sexist as any man.

We know you knew that but seeing it like this … wow.

When they can’t accuse her of sexually assaulting some coed in college they go for the sexist attacks. Men and women both. Hey, when the Left show you who they really are, believe them.

Keep in mind these tweets say way more about Hough than they do ACB, and ain’t none of it good.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.


Nobody does hate better than those on the Left.

Right? Saves us a lot of time.

So oppressed she’s been nominated to SCOTUS.

Have we mentioned everything is getting dumber? Yup.



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