We’d say Democrats have their talking points about abortion and ACB but to be honest, we have no doubt the unhinged, insane ranting we’ve seen from them today is genuine. Imagine being outraged that a Constitutionalist WOMAN is likely to take another seat on SCOTUS.

And all because you are pro-abortion.

Not a great platform, folks.

Elizabeth Warren, for example, went heap-big CRAZY:

Steal another Supreme Court seat? Extremists?


Liz so badly wants to babble about Barrett’s faith, you know she does.

Also, she’s not anti-abortion, she’s pro-life.

SCOTUS judges don’t ‘gut’ the law.

If you ever wondered why so many people on the Left seem like unhinged crazy paranoid people THIS sort of propaganda from Liz is one of the reasons.

Isn’t it cute how Liz thinks she speaks for most Americans?

And by cute we mean delusional, annoying, and completely WRONG.

If you don’t support abortion you’re a billionaire and a far-right extremist.

Who knew?

Except of course when it comes to the Democratic nominee for president because the DNC basically picked him and then picked his VP who will end up being president if and when Nancy Pelosi’s panel of experts deems him incapable to serve.

Sure, the power is with you.

OOOOH, so that’s why she’s really freaking out.


We’ll show ourselves to the door, thanks.



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