Since Senate Democrats can’t come up with some magical classmate from her college days to claim she sexually assaulted them, it seems our good, tolerant, friends on the Left are now claiming she will vote to kill people with pre-existing conditions.

Or something.

They are also pretending she’s not qualified and really, folks? Really?

Ted Cruz was good enough to take them entirely apart by going over Barrett’s ‘impeccable credentials’.


It’s like Ted knows ACB.

It’s also like Ted knows CNN …

The Left and the media do not want Americans to know ACB isn’t some theocratic lunatic just chomping at the bit to force her Catholic views on the country. They desperately need people to believe their nonsensical narrative, even though no matter what they’ll likely end up with another Constitutionalist on the SCOTUS.

Which makes total sense when you realize their entire job is to make sure laws are Constitutional.

It’s all about destroying her character which tells us everything we need to know about Democrats and THEIR character.



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