We’re going to see a lot of shameless and gross tactics from the Democrats over the coming days of the ACB hearing, especially when it comes to claiming she will kill grandpa, grandma, and every person in the country with a pre-existing condition if she’s seated.

They are melodramatic and annoying little things, ain’t they?

Kayleigh McEnany did what she does best and shut their whole narrative DOWN:

Kayleigh ain’t playin’.

Which is probably why so many blue-checks lost their freakin’ minds on her tweet:

Joe misses the point.

As usual.

Misses the point as well. Getting rid of the ACA needs to happen, but Trump wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

We’re not sure why this is so hard for them to understand.

Yes, we are …



Which is why the EO matters … you know what, nevermind.



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